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Boland's Inn - present day Ferguson Avenue, two storey units now occupy site.
Braemar - built 1892 by James Hunter Lawson.
Buckland Park - part of Frazer Estate named for Sir Thomas Buckland.
Buttenshaw Park - name or Minister of Lands Hon E.A. Buttenshaw, stone gate posts from 'Moorecourt' home of Charles Moore.
Corridor of Oaks - Faulconbridge, 20 acres of land donated 1933 by Joseph Jackson MLA every Prime Minister or representative has planted an oak tree.
Christ Church - built 1889 architect John Sulman on land donated by Charles Moore.
Else Mitchell Park - named for supreme court judge Rae Else Mitchell.
Everton - Faulconbridge, built c1870/80s by The Hon John Meeks MLA.
Fairy Dell - Nature Reserve, National Park, contains relics of early earthworks (paths, steps etc.) perch ponds.
Faulconbridge Cemetery - resting place of early residents and Sir Henry Parkes.
Frazer Memorial Presbyterian Church  - Macquarie Road, named for benefactor opened 1895.
Gatekeepers Cottages - Springwood and Valley Heights.
Greeheyes - built by Garrett family 1880s
Locomotive Depot - Valley Heights
Martins Lookout
Masonic Lodge property - Macqaurie Road.
Memorial - Western end of Macquarie Road, marking approximate location of Governor Macquarie's camp site, placed there 1938 by Royal Historical Society NSW.
Military Depot sites - two sites last in present day Ferguson Road.
Old Bakery site  - remnants of ovens in Bakehouse arcade Macquarie Road.
Norman Lindsay Gallery - Formerly owned by Foy family built by Paddy Ryan.
Old Police lock-up - built 1881, situated in Manners Park named for Ald. Manners.
Old School of Arts site - relic of well c1860s, foundation stone and footings of institution opened 1913.
Oriental Hotel -  built by James Hunter Lawson 1892 on site of earlier hotel built by Frank Raymond in 1870.
Post Office - Opened 1901 although postal service operated from Frank Raymond's inn and railway station much earlier.
Public School site - First public school opened in 1878.

Springwood Public School original location Macquarie Road
Railway Station - built 1884 (John Whitton) although an earlier building existed 1867.  Building was reconfigured when duplication of railway line went through.
Rest Park - site of first Roman Catholic Church.  Gazetted for Public Recreation 1923.
Roxy Theatre site - open air picture theatre replaced by Health Centre.
Royal Hotel - Built 1881, building has undergone several changes reflecting the era.
Sassafras Gully Reserve - Nature Reserve.
Sir Henry Parkes - group of cottages.
Silva Plana site - Hon John Frazer property, now units

Silva Plana designed by Varney Parkes

Southall - built approx. 1886 for use of Christ Church Rector.  Also known as the Vicarage.
Springwood Golf Club property - site of Ellison's orchard.
St Columba's College and grounds - Elmhurst built 1880s (Ipkendanz family), college built 1909.
St Thomas Aquinas Church - Hakesbury Road, decommissioned as church, built 1921.
Subway - built 1902.

Please note: this list is not definitive and not all of these buildings, sites or relics are listed as Heritage Items on BMCC Local Environment Plan 2005.