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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Military Stockade Springwood - Graves

The Sydney Morning Herald dated 20 June 1877 carried an article headed New South Wales Parliament.  It would appear that a recent sitting of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Macintosh asked the Secretary of Lands:
1. If he was aware that the 'old stockade at Springwood had been used as a burial ground and that there are graves still to be seen there. 
2 If he was aware that the land had been improved at the date of 'Boland's conditional purchase, in 1862 and 1876, by clearing, fencing and waterholes to the value of one hundred pounds.
3. Will he cause an investigation of the foregoing to be made, and take the necessary action should the statement prove correct.
A Mr. Driver answered:
1. The selection is known to have included the old stockade; but attention has not been called to the fact of there being any graves upon it.  The selection would not have been invalidated thereby,
2. The improvements formerly upon the land are understood to have fallen to decay or been removed.
3. Reference will again be made to the papers in the case, which are not at this moment accesible, and should any ground appear for further action or inquiry, it shall be taken.

There is no indication if any further action was taken, however, Springwood Cemetery does have a headstone that is thought to have been taken from that area.

Mr. Driver is thought to have been Hon. Richard Driver jnr. who was Secretary for Lands in Sir Henry Parkes ministry (1877) while the other gentleman is thought to have been John Macintosh who was at one time the Minister for Lands.

Other ministers in Parkes 1877 ministry (which lasted from 22 March 1877 until August 16 1877 a period of 147 days) were:
Hon. William Piddington MLA - Colonial Treasurer
Hon. Francis Suttor MLA - Minister for Justice and Public Instruction
Hon. James Hoskins MLA Secretary for Public Works
Hon. William Windeyer - Attorney General
Hon. George Lloyd MLA - Secretary for Mines & Representative of the Gov. in Legislative Council
Hon. Saul Samuel MLC - Postmaster General

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