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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cottages - Cloyne Lodge/Phoenix Lodge/Coomassie House & Knock-y-Theina

Phoenix Lodge taken from what is now Coomassie Avenue.
Members of the Chapman family seated on the verandah.
 Statues in the right of the photograph were moved to
the smaller cottage & only recently re-discovered.

Originally built as gardeners cottage and known as
Phoenix LOodge & Knock-y-Theina
Cloyne Lodge, situated in Grose Road Faulconbridge, burnt down in 1884.  The house was built on a portion of the land owned by city Alderman, Michael Nason Chapman, sometime prior to 1884.  The house was re-built by Chapman and renamed Phoenix Lodge for the insurance company that honoured the fire damage claim. Some years later the house was given the name Coomassie House while the name Phoenix Lodge was attached to the small cottage – built originally for the gardener – diagonally across the road.  The smaller cottage had been known as Knock-y-Theina.
Michael Nason Chapman’s grandson – of the same name – moved into the smaller cottage following financial difficulties.  Both cottages, built of local sandstone, are still in existence. 
Pamela Smith  


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