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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Percy Stewart Dawson

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald dated 16th July, 1926, stated that 'Kit-Kat' the name of an old London club had been revived for the title of a cabaret to be held at Ambassadors, the Sydney night club and restaurant owned by the Dawson family.  The event was held to raise money for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals of which Mrs. Percy Dawson was president.  The remainder of the committee comprised of Miss Josephine Marks, Mrs. Harry Samuels, Mrs. Llewellyn Rees, Mrs. J.B. Quinlan and Miss Grace Jewell.  The ladies on the committee wore gold armbands to which had been attached black badges in the shape of a black cat and flowers, sweets and cigarettes were sold to boost their funds.

Percy was the son of David Stewart Dawson and Harriet (nee McNab). The Dawson family owned jewellery stores in England, most states of Australia and New Zealand, and various property interests, like The Spinney and Bon Accord guest house, in Springwood.  Both were located on Hawkesbury Road, Springwood.  The latter house burnt to the ground in  1937, but The Spinney still exists.

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