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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Newspaper Articles of Interest

The Canberra Times newspaper announced 27th April 1949 that 'Blue Mountains Place Ban On Communists.'  It went on to say that
"strong support was given to aldermen of the Blue Mountains City Council  to a motion denying Communists the right to hire public halls controlled by the council."

       The motion was carried 11 votes to four. 

Several of the aldermen, who voted in favour of the motion, had opposed a similar motion which alderman Frank Walford - the then Mayor - brought to a previous council meeting.  The paper mentioned that "only a few Communists were in the gallery" when the former motion was carried.  The motion resolved that no public hall was to be hired to any Communist supporter or any Communist subsidiary organisation or the Communist Party.  The paper suggested that aldermen who opposed the motion were not necessarily Communists, or in favour of Communism, but thought it was a matter for the Federal Government to impose.

The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald 1st August, 1949, stating that the Communist Party had gained a strong foothold in the Blue Mountains, Lismore, Gosford and Wagga.  It would appear that a Mr. C. Davidson, a Blue Mountains councillor, had been charged with subversive activities which infringed on the code of the Returned Services League.

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