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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More on World War Two: Brothers in Arms - Edwin Harold Bennett, Percy Bennett, Ronald Alan Bennett

Edwin Harold Bennett: Service Number N346385, was born at Eskinville New South Wales 4.1.1904.  His parents were Edwin & Phoebe Bennett and Phoebe was named his next of kin.  The Bennett family resided in the cottage 'Barangah' situated on the corner of Paterson and Hawkesbury Roads.  Edwin (Ted) is thought to have been a one time Deputy Registrar General.  

Percy Steven Bennett: Service Number N347355, was born 2.6.1908 at Hurlstone New South Wales.  Percy lived in the cottage 'Weona' located in Paterson Road, Springwood.  He was the local ice man before the introduction of modern refrigerators.  He married Elsie Jean McPhee in 1937. 

Ronald Alan Bennett: Service Number N190753, was born at Springwood in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales 15.3.1914 to Edwin and Phoebe Bennett.  His next of kin was also mother Phoebe. Ronald (Ron) was a milkman in the area.   

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