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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Early Residents: Mark & Ruth Thew

The 1868-70 electoral roll listed Mark living at Faulconbridge.  He was born at Port Stephens in 1828, and in 1857 married Ruth Slapp in a double ceremony with brother Thomas who married Mary Ann Slapp.

Ruth, Mary Ann and parents arrived in Australia in 1841 aboard the Canton.  Mr. Slapp was a gardener by trade but is reputed to have owned the Springwood Inn c1865.  However, recent evidence confirms that Robert Slapp had a 3 year lease on the Springwood Inn owned by Thomas Boland c1863.  Boland was in the process of selling the property but was unsuccessful. The family moved to a property at Rylestone in 1877.

Mark and Ruth moved to Lambing Flats to witness the riots that occurred there in 1861.  Twin boys, John Thomas and Robert Mark, were born in Springwood in 1865.  Kerry Thew, who operated a chemist shop at Faulconbridge for several years, is the grandson of John Thomas Thew.  Mark and Ruth settled in Blackheath c1895.

* This article was taken from The Making Of A Mountain Community: a Biographical Dictionary of the Springwood District

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