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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Mary Ann & Susan Adams - Mary Ann married Thomas Nosworthy in 1879, and Susan married William Bates in 1888. The sisters were the daughters of William Aysh and Susan Adams, and were born c1857 and c1853 respectively & had several siblings.  They were William born c1849, Elizabeth born c1851 & John born c1855.

William & Sarah arrived in Australia aboard the Julindur 5.4.1849.  He was a carpenter by trade.
Mary Ann and Susan  owned land in the main street of Springwood, a portion of which was eventually sectioned off to build the School of Arts building. Shops owned by the two sisters on the adjoining property were burnt down before the School of Arts was erected in 1913.
A caveat was added to the title deeds that would enable Mary Ann, Susan and any relative or next of kin to have access to a large underground well that was located at the rear of the School of Arts property. The caveat remained legal until approximately 1936 by which time reticulated water was connected to the town. 

Mary Ann & Thomas had two children, Sydney and Lilly.

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