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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Newspaper articles

The Blue Mountains seemed to attract its fair share of wandering tramps during times of economic stress.  For example, several years after the Great Depression the Nepean Times newspaper reported that an incident involving wandering tramps was causing duress to the residents of Holland Street in Springwood.  It would seem that the tramps made a habit of visiting Lomatia Park on Sunday to wash their megre wardrobe which was hung over the oval fence to dry. 

This was not a good advertisement for Springwood because visitors wanting to spend a few pleasant hours  at the park went away in disgust (perhaps never to return).  Furthermore, it was no longer safe for local children to play on the swings in the park because they were located between the 'summer houses' tenanted by the tramps.  Parents were forced to warn their children away.  A plea to the council had not remedied the situation thus residents were urged to apply to the local area League to allay the nuisance. 
Scouts at Lomatia Park c1930s

Ref: Nepean Times, 10.2.1938      

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