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Friday, July 22, 2011

Crime Doesn't Pay

Reported in the Northern Standard (Darwin) 12 July 1938 the arrest of several men on charges of robbing goods trains.  Detectives had been trying for some time to discover the persons responsible for the thefts.  They were thought to hide in the loaded goods trucks, and to throw the goods out along the railway line only to be collected later. 

Detective Webb secreted himself in one of the west bound goods trucks where, on its approach to Valley Heights, he witnessed goods being thrown out onto the line.  Four men leapt of the train, which was going slowly, and proceeded to run back picking up their spoils.  Webb alighted the train and with revolver drawn, pursued the thieves. When he ordered them to 'put their hands up' two obeyed but two absconded. 

Police visited homes in the Penrith and Bankstown area following the arrest of the two men at Valley Heights and a further eight men were arrested.  Another man (said to be a businessman) was taken into custody and charged with receiving. 

Northern Standard  12 July, 1938, p. 6.

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