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Friday, February 11, 2011

World War Two

War Memorial  Macquarie Road, Springwood
Fortunately, the names of local men who enlisted for World War One are listed on the Honor Board located in Springwood Civic Centre & their service and history perpetuated in Remembrance Springwood District Honor Roll 1914-1919. Local volunteers for World War Two were not so lucky; their names remain largely unrecorded except in service records and military papers.
The National Archives of Australia took over the work of digitalising service records from the Australian War Memorial Canberra and are making progress on the latter records to make them available to the wider public.  Although all records are not yet digitalised the following is a list of men and women who were born, or enlisted, in Springwood. 
Adamson, Reginald James
Aldridge, Alfred John
Allen, Patrick Lancelot
Anderson, Harold James
Banfield, Norman Hewitt
Bennett, Edwin Harold
Bennett, Percy Steven
Bennett, Ronald Alan
Bishop, Ernest Henry
Blackwood, Lindsay Burns
Cantwell, Michael Joseph
Carey, John Cameron
Cheadle, Walter Gerald
Clay, Herbert
Colless, Charles Gordon
Colless, Roy Lucas
Colless, Rupert George
Cook, John Eric Eugene
Crosland, Jack Frederick
Crosland, Stanley Cecil
Croucher, Keith Mark
Cullen, Leonard John
Davis, John Francis
Dawson, Noel
Dodd, Frank Julian
Dodd, Norman Leslie
Donaldson, Arthur Walter
Dwyer, Douglas Haig
Dyson, Kevin Vincent
Fairfax-Ross, Basil
Ferguson, Archibald Cook
Fitch, Ronald Warwick
Fox, Harry Kenneth
Frost, Leo Lorraine
Grant, John Milton
Gray, George Joseph
Hall, Ernest
Hall, Robert Desmond
Harber, Richard Fearnside
Harris, Maurice Walter
Hartigan, Ronald Keith
Herr, Matthew Judge
Hughes, William Wynne
Hurley, Francis Dudley
Ipkendanz, Edward
Jack, Herbert Ernest
Jay, Arnold John
Jones, William Charles
Judge, Stanley Craddock
Kelly, Harold Nelson
Kemp, Thomas Harold
Leape, Eric
Lees, Robert Australia
Lofting, Hilary David
McDonald, Eric William
McDonald, John Alexander
McMain, Ronald Horace
McPhee, William Arthur
Mann, Norman Kenneth
Mansfield, Charles Vivian
Martin-Yates, Ronald
Masters, Roy Edward
Moody, Ronald Rawson
Morrison, William
Munro, Donald Sutherland
Neville, Raymond Aubrey
Nichols,Charles Henry
Nichols, Leslie John
Powell, Douglas Charles
Pratt, William Norman
Prince, Charles Oswald
Proctor, William Jack
Rafferty, Norman Joseph
Randall, Alma Montrose
Robertson, James
Robison, Rupert Cowper
Rowling, Edward Charles
Ryan, Gabriel Francis
Salter-Gibbs, Henry Leslie
Simons, Donald George
Smith, William Alfred
Speer, John Edward Thomas
Stace, Rupert Octavius
Stratton, Clarence Charles
Stratton, Ernest Clifford
Stratton, Raymond Keith
Sully, Alfred Ernest
Thomas, Owen Furley
Thruchley, Trevor Reginald
Thurgood, Cecil Arthur
Towns, Clarence George
Urquhart, Colin Ernest
Wall, Donald Douglas
Wall, Douglas Lawrence
Wallace, Donald Kendall
Way, Harold James
Webb, Lewis Harry
West, Reginald Joseph
Wheatley, James Eric
Wheatley, Leslie William
Whiteman, Randall Harland
Wiggins, Elizabeth May
Wiggins, Frederick George
Wiggins, Stanley Norman
Wilson, John Nathan
Wimhurst, Albert Edward
Winchester, Selwyn
Young, Eric Charles
This does not claim to be a definitive nor correct list and omissions or corrections are welcomed.   
 Pamela Smith

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